The Homerun Leadership Types Assessment

This activity will help you discover your team decision making leadership type. The assessment results will highlight your strengths and weaknesses when leading team decisions.

Answer the 20 questions below to help you identify your Homerun Leadership Type. Don’t overthink it. Go with your first response. Using Y for YES, and N for NO, mark the following short self assessment. Answer quickly but carefully with your gut instinct, focused on the context of how you make decisions. As you mark your answers, keep in mind that there are no wrong answers here, just different personality styles.

  1. I am very detail-oriented.
  2. I am very caring and understanding
  3. I consider all my options before deciding.
  4. I jump in and act.
  5. I need to know the who/what/where/when/why before making a decision.
  6. I am very inclusive of others, in order to make the best plans.
  7. I am an idea person
  8. I like to get started
  9. I need to know all the information before deciding.
  10. I am thoughtful of others’ perspectives before moving ahead.
  11. I make lists of all the possibilities and choices.
  12. I get restless and impatient when others have a hard time deciding.
  13. I have a hard time deciding without all the facts.
  14. I ensure all voices are heard in order to make better decisions.
  15. I am always searching for a better or the best idea.
  16. I can decide without all the information, feedback, or options.
  17. I am thorough and comprehensive in my approach.
  18. I am a good listener, because I want the input of others.
  19. I have difficulty making a decision if there are multiple options available.

  20. I am impulsive or fast paced.