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Your Guide to Better, Faster Team Decisions

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Want a Homerun Business?

The Homerun framework serves as a road map to provide your team with the best possible support to reach the most collaborative and effective decisions to drive best team problem solving.

Want a Homerun School District?

School leaders rely on high-performing teams that can solve problems and make decisions quickly and effectively. Our leadership system can help you get there, increasing your leadership success.

Want a Homerun Church?

The Homerun Decision framework will serve as a process to accelerate decision making at the board level, ultimately providing direction and support for your management team, church leaders and congregation.

Want a Homerun Board of Directors?

Now more than ever, people are coming together to make sure their voices are heard. As part of a community group, the Homerun system tools will bring your team together to work effectively to understand each other and make your message clear.

What Is Regular Leadership?

Regular Leaders make decisions independently without gathering all the information or allowing the team to react and research alternative options, creating mistrust and resistance. They:


  • Assume team vision (MY way)
  • Tell others what to do
  • Discourage input
  • Promote team resistance and tension
  • Decrease team trust
  • Create win/lose situations
  • Fight

What is Homerun Leadership?

Homerun Leaders gather the best information, the team’s reactions to this information, brainstorm together and prioritize possible options to reach a team decision to:


  • Develop team vision (OUR way)
  • Develop plans together
  • Ask for input 
  • Promote team acceptance and support
  • Increase team trust
  • Create team wins
  • Facilitate

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Warning Signs You are Skipping Bases and Need Homerun Leadership

1. You make people mad!
2. People want to just push through (to make a decision or meet a deadline).
3. Conversations are coerced instead of inviting and warm.
4. You regularly delay decisions for future meetings because you can’t reach team agreement.
5. You hear team frustration rising.

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Digital Facilitation Package – Videos

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Multiple Common Leadership Scenarios and Frameworks

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About Me

Dr. Dave Webb

Dr. Dave Webb is a retired Superintendent of South St. Paul Public Schools where he served for twelve years. Dave previously served as a high school principal for Fridley Public Schools, and began his career as a Spanish teacher for the Stillwater Public Schools in Minnesota. Dave has also served as the Dean of the Spanish Immersion Program for the Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota, and the governing board president of his church in Shoreview, Minnesota.

Dr. Dave Webb’s Expertise – Team Decision Making

Dave’s passion for collaborative team decision making, grew out of his doctoral research in conflict management and shared decision making. For decades, his hallmark leadership style was defined by the principles of collaborative team decision making, consensus building and inclusive team participation. His presentations and focus, center on helping individuals and organizations like businesses, schools and churches utilize the best collaborative team decision making models.

In a variety of ways, Dr. Webb can help both individuals and leadership teams, whether they are businesses, schools or churches, utilize the simplified team science to move from point A to B. Dr. Webb provides easy-to-understand, memorable, repeatable processes that will help you and your team make great decisions and give you a framework applicable to ANY situation and EVERY meeting.

Dr. Dave Webb’s Book, The Homerun Team Tune-Up, will be available early 2023.

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Of the dozens of books I read last year, Homerun Leadership jumped out as one the entire organization should know. With the help of Dave, our team now has a common language and decision making framework to make better, faster decisions.”

Brad Martens

Shoreview City Manager

“As someone that ran my own business for 38 years and now runs a church, I can confidently say that this is the first leadership book (and I have read many) that has given me a formula for effectively leading a team of people. When applied to team decision making, this formula consistently offers a higher level of buy-in and far less conflict than anything I’ve seen before. The Homerun Leadership formula works!”

Renee Patterson

Senior Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Shoreview, MN

“As a new superintendent, everything comes at you fast. Luckily, Dr. Webb’s Homerun Leadership strategies and the four base framework helped me avoid countless landmines with a little discipline around asking some simple questions.”

Peter Olson-Skog, Ph.D.

Superintendent, West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Area Schools (School District 197)

“I’ve used Dr. Dave Webb’s leadership process for well over two decades. It is my go-to practice for any situation where I find myself stuck in a time of conflict or decision making. The insights contained in this book will surely help anyone in leadership to maintain a calm presence that will lead to healthy outcomes. I’ve led congregations for thirty-two years of ordained ministry. The seminary provided my theological training but I learned to lead with the help of insights found in this book.”

Rev. Jeffrey A. Sackett

Lead Pastor, Celebration Lutheran Church, Sartell, MN

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