Dr. Dave Webb

Author, Speaker, Executive/Team Coach and Facilitator

 Helping You and Your Teams Achieve Homerun Success!

My Story

Dr. Dave Webb is a retired Superintendent of South St. Paul Public Schools where he served for twelve years.  Dave previously served as a high school principal for Fridley Public Schools, and began his career as a Spanish teacher for the Stillwater Public Schools in Minnesota.  Dave has also served as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Hamline University, the Dean of the Spanish Immersion Program for the Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota, and is currently the governing board president of his church in Shoreview, Minnesota.

Dr. Dave Webb’s Expertise – Team Decision-Making

Dr. Webb has recently completed a new book called “Homerun Leadership – Your Guide to Better Faster Team Decisions”. His passion for collaborative team decision making, grew out of his doctoral research in conflict management and shared decision-making. For decades, Dave’s hallmark leadership style was defined by the principles of collaborative team decision-making, consensus building and inclusive team participation. His presentations and focus center on helping individuals and organizations like businesses, schools and churches utilize the best collaborative team decision-making models.    

In a variety of ways, Dr. Webb can coach both individuals and leadership teams, whether they are businesses, schools or churches, regarding the simplified team science to move from point A to B.  Dr. Webb will provide easy-to-understand, memorable, repeatable processes that will help you and your team make great decisions and give you a framework applicable to ANY situation and EVERY meeting.

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