This book is for new leaders. And in today’s world, we’re all new leaders. The shift from employee to manager, from manager to executive, from teacher to administrator, from staff member to pastor, from adult to parent, from single to couple, are incredibly challenging.

Knowing the core science of 4 that drives all change and decision-making has given me the confidence to do the difficult job of leadership. It also allows me to teach, coach, and mentor others on this most critical leadership skill.

Homerun Leadership drives you forward by giving you a framework applicable to ANY situation and EVERY meeting. When you know the questions your team will ask—and want answered—you’re ready to lead.

The Homerun Leadership Book Provides:

  • Your Guide to Better, Faster Team Decisions
  • Discover Your Leadership Type
  • Learn How to Lead
  • The “Science” Behind the Winning Formula
  • Strategies to Increased Confidence and Success
  • Simplified Leadership Lessons
  • Support for Teams, Boards, and Families