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Executive Coaching Package

Align your leadership to the best Homerun Leadership strategies with weekly or monthly coaching. In person, virtual and phone coaching options are available.

Executive Team Coaching Package

Train your entire team in the Homerun Leadership strategies.  You determine the time and dates that work best for you and your team.  In person and virtual options available.

Board of Directors Coaching Package

Train your board to know and follow their role with the best Homerun Leadership Governing Board strategies.  In person and virtual options available.

Team Facilitation Package

If your team is facing a complex challenge and you need a Homerun facilitator to get you “unstuck” we can provide facilitation support.  In person and virtual options available.

Do you feel like your team has the capacity to be a high performing team, but continues to strike out?

Here are 4 key strategies you and your teams will master:

Every team member will discover their leadership type

When team members know their leadership type, they quickly discover it is not only their greatest strength, but their greatest weakness, too, and how they impact the team decision-making process.

Every team member will discover the 4 leadership types

When each team members knows the strengths and challenges of each of the 4 leadership types, they quickly begin to see the benefits that every team member adds to the team decision-making process.

Every team member will discover the 4 step science based leadership formula

When team members discover and follow the formula, together, their team successes begin to increase.  As the wins increase, so does their collaborative confidence.

Every team member will discover the 4 best questions to lead your team to better, faster decision-making.

This quickly increases team success, reduces team stress, and results in shorter team meetings.

My Approach

As a leader, moving your team from point A to point B can feel overwhelming. But the path of good leadership, sound decision-making, and real change is predictable—and attainable.

The formula I call “IROD” distills years of research into an easy-to-understand, memorable, repeatable process that helps you and your team make great decisions. It’s the Homerun Leadership System.

Knowing the core science of 4 that drives all change and decision-making has given me the confidence to do the difficult job of leadership. It also allows me to teach, coach, and mentor others on this most critical leadership skill.

Homerun Leadership drives you forward by giving you a framework applicable to ANY situation and EVERY meeting. When you know the questions your team will ask—and want answered—you’re ready to lead.

How It Works

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If you still have questions, feel free to contact me using the attached email form. With the wide variety of services we provide, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that you may have to get started.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Some leaders like the individual attention of 1:1 coaching to better manage their own meetings.  Other leaders simply need an outside voice to provide team or board training and support  Whatever your needs, we can design the right package for you.

Reach Your Goals

If you know your goals and simply need a roadmap to get there, we can help you plan your journey.  Some of the greatest goals have complex steps and decisions to achieve along the way.  Contact me for a free consultation.

Executive Coaching Package

  • Do you face heavy resistance from your team?
  • Do you dread going into your team meetings?
  • Do some individuals seem to dominate the meeting?

Our Executive Coaching Package can help to reduce your stress and increase your success.

Executive Team Coaching Package

  • Are you experiencing dysfunction on your team?
  • Are team personalities getting in the way of great decisions?
  • Are your meetings often run longer than scheduled?

Our Executive Team Coaching Package can help increase your team success.

Board of Directors Coaching Package

  • Are your board meetings running late into the evening?
  • Is your board drifting out of Governance and into Management?
  • Are your board conversations chaotic, lacking in organization and direction?

Our Board of Directors Coaching Package can help shorten your meetings and increase board success.

Team Facilitation Package

  • Are you exhausted and just need an outside, neutral facilitator on a challenging issue?
  • Do your team discussions often turn into arguments?
  • Does your team struggle to make decisions?

Our Team Facilitation Package can save you time and increase your team wins and confidence.

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