What do my leadership quiz results mean?

The category with the most points from your self-assessment is your predominant Homerun Leadership Type. It’s the approach that most commonly comes out when you’re in a decision-making situation. When your team is in a decision-making situation, it’s how you show up.

Your Leadership Type:

  • Drives your motivations and behavior.
  • Makes you feel good about a decision.
  • Makes you think a decision is correct.

Your Leadership Type is what you care about most in a decision-making situation. If you have equal or nearly equal points in more than one category, that’s completely normal. It implies you inherently have multiple priorities in making decisions.

The higher you score on any of these “bases,” the stronger your gifts in that area. A high score on any given base indicates that this area is especially important for you to complete in order to be satisfied with a decision.

The lower you score on any base, the lower your strengths are in that area. A low score on any given base indicates a need for support in that area from other team members.

In practical terms, not everyone has the same priorities in mind when reaching a decision:

  • Some people are most concerned with knowing they have every piece of information available before making the decision.
  • Some people want to know how everyone affected by the decision will feel about it.
  • Some people care most about ensuring they know all the options before reaching a final decision.
  • Some people just want to reach a decision and are willing to make it with whatever information and options are available at that time.

Here are those ideas in chart form:


1st Basers have a high need for:

  • Information
  • Facts
  • Data
  • Details

2nd Basers have a high need for:

  • Reactions
  • Reflections
  • Feelings
  • Feedback

3rd Basers have a high need for:

  • Options
  • Ideas
  • Choices
  • Possibilities

4th Basers have a high need for:

  • Decisions
  • Agreements
  • Plans
  • Recommendations